Welcome to Putrahost Network, powered by Digicto Network Solution (Digicto). Digicto is a registered business in Malaysia and we focus our commitments toward enhancing business and e-commerce utilization in small medium enterprise and also provide friendly support for social organization and personal needs for an internet presence.

Putrahost Network is our gateway to provide to our customers with the internet of things support from the domain registration up until website and email management support with affordable and professional support. Here, the user will be able to buy the top-level domain for an internetaional domain such as .com, .net and we also provide an interface to let the user manage the domain by themselves.

What unique about our service is that we provide a free consultancy service to discuss your requirement, and at the same time, we provide technical support to your business. Our Whatsapp based support promising our customer with prompt response and action towards your query.

Putrahost provides quick website profiling for business with the thousands choice of website to choose from. It will take less than 14 days to complete a website with full functionality and design. All we need is your storyboard or just simply let us have your company profile to turn it into website profiling.

While running Putrahost Network at putrahost.com domain, Digicto also provide public website application to increase our service visability. currently we working on Islamic application, called ehadith.my, Malaysia service directory for business and Malaysia directory for food and sedapnya.my.